An automotive accessory that transforms the smartphone you already own into a portable head-up display


A Transparent GPS System That Keeps Your Eyes On The Road


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A head-up display for any car.


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You'll receive ONE Hudify package. The Navmii World app is free for iOS and it will soon be free for Android as well. 

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You deserve better than this.

September 2017

The most affordable HUD that actually works.

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You'll receive TWO Hudify package. The Navmii World app is free for iOS and it will soon be free for Android as well.

September 2017

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There are 1,200,000,000 cars on the road today.

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Chances are you or someone you know drive on a daily basis and use one of these to navigate from point A to point B.


September 2017

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Luxury Car HUD


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Aftermarket HUD


You'll receive FOUR Hudify package. The Navmii World app is free for iOS and it will soon be free for Android as well.

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From now on, this is what driving will look like...

Turn-by-turn navigation. ETA. Vehicle speed. Speed limit and safety camera notifications. Everything you need projected onto a semi- transparent screen that helps you keep your eyes on the road.

Keep your eyes on the road and enjoy the view.

Your smartphone is more powerful than ever. With a fast processor, bright screen, internet, GPS and millions of applications, all you are missing is a device that transform yours smartphone into a head-up display. Not anymore

Powered by the smartphone you already own.

Navmii's simplified user interface only shows you what you need, when you need it. It minimizes distractions so you can recognize and react to critical situations even faster.

Navigation you can feel safe about.

Navmii gives you powerful navigation options and crowd-sourced traffic information, when you're online. But if you end up going somewhere without service or just don't want to use data at all, that's okay. You can download a whole country map from the Navmii store and navigate fully offline.

Online and offline maps you can always count on.

Say goodbye to speeding

and red light camera tickets.

Hudify makes it easier than ever to watch your speed - it automatically tell you when you've on over the speed limit. And for the rare occasions you do slip up, it'll tell you if there's an upcoming red light camera - so you can relax about getting a ticket for a careless mistake. 

One of the best navigation platforms at your service.

Hudify partnered up with Navmii to provide you with the best navigation experience possible. Navmii is one of the most powerful community-based traffic and navigation apps for iOS and Android devices. With 24 million users behind Navmii, you can imagine millions of drivers working together to outsmart traffic and get everyone from point A to point B as fast as possible.

Sport Red Speedometer

How you can use it?

Classic Speedometer

You can use it on the way to work. Use it on your next road trip. Use it on your next grocery trip. Use it on your way to pick up someone at the airport. Use it wherever the road takes you.

You have 5 optimized UI options to choose from depending on what essential information you would need to get from point A to B safely:

Sport Blue Speedometer


Digital Speedometer

Will my phone fall out if I brake, hit a bump, or make a sharp turn?

How do I attach it to my dashboard?

A safer driving experience in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Download the Navmii app or any HUD-based app

The flexible mount attaches to the dashboard using a high-strength adhesive. It's the same adhesive found in other smartphone and dashcam mounts so you know it stays put.

Hudify uses two separate strong neodymium magnetic systems to keep your phone and cradle in place. To answer that, we made a comparison (friction pad vs magnetic system) video for you:

Step 2: Place Hudify and your smartphone on your dashboard

It's quite easy. When you're in Navmii's HUD mode, you just swipe left or right.

Step 3: Start driving!

How do I switch UI options?

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